How Did I Wind Up Here?

How did I wind up here? I am from a city with a large black population. Drug abuse and addiction has been rampant since before I can remember.  One of the most violent cities in America where “Be safe” ALWAYS follows goodbye. There are very little jobs here. Panhandlers on every corner. Vacant houses everywhere.

The city has been Democratic for the past 40 years. It’s not adding up.

I see my peers online lashing out whenever some ignorant white kid disparagingly uses the word “nigger”. Sometimes they yell at entertainers who say anything perceived to be homophobic or transphobic. I’m sick of all of that shit.

These days you cannot even have an outside opinion; if you do not say something that is laced in communism and socialism you are not seen as a liberal and people quickly paint you red. It’s nauseating.

I cannot relate to my neo-liberal black peers who have internalized Marxist values and who whine all the time under the guise of “bringing awareness”. Look, WE’RE AWARE. Let’s move beyond that.

So I’ve come here to blog. And to acknowledge disagreement. Because that’s how you move forward.  And I have embraced being a black moderate. I do believe that people’s private lives are theirs and that they are entitled to live freely and safely. But at some point, you have to take responsibility.



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